A home away from home at Wessex Care

A home away from home at Wessex Care

Moving into a care home should always be about improving quality of life, but this can only truly happen if the residential care centre in question offers a homely, comfortable environment that makes residents feel at ease.

This can be hard to find – but not in one of the Wessex Care homes in Salisbury, where creating a home from home experience for residents is always a priority.

Feeling at home is all about feeling safe, empowered, respected and able to live life on your own terms. So, how does Wessex Care foster such a welcoming atmosphere and homely environment across its five Salisbury care homes?

Fantastic facilities

Moving into a Wessex Care residential home means you’ll benefit from the best in modern care facilities. These include gardens, sunny patios, health spas, therapy suites, social clubs and dedicated activity spaces, as well as full CCTV and en-suite rooms with electric ceiling hoists built in.

These facilities are designed to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable, and to help residents feel confident, safe and comfortable in their surroundings from day one.

Personalised care

Every person is an individual, and is treated as such across all Wessex Care facilities. The staff here are dedicated to providing personalised care to the highest level, and this focus on the person behind the resident helps to create a compassionate environment where everybody is able to be their authentic selves.

Care plans are tailored to individuals, and developed collaboratively with the input of the person, as well as their family and friends where appropriate.

Independence in the spotlight

Many people are worried that moving into residential care will mean a loss of their independence, but at Wessex Care, this is not the case.

Maintaining independence and promoting autonomy is at the forefront of care plan development and decision-making, with support and encouragement in place to allow residents to make choices that align with their preferences and values.

And with different types of care homes in Salisbury, you can choose the one that is best suited to your preferred level of independence, whether that’s Holmwood House in the centre of Salisbury for those who like to get out and about, or Kimberley East and West centres for those who need a greater level of support.

Mental well-being as a priority

At Wessex Care, mental well-being is considered a universal human right, and maintaining it among both staff and residents is always a priority.

This is done through treating every individual with respect and kindness, as well as promoting socialisation, health and a sense of purpose, through activities such as arts and crafts, cooking, music and a strong focus on friendship.

Each Wessex Care home even has its own dedicated welfare assistant, who creates a programme of activities for every person based on their individual needs.

Community focus

Moving into a care centre offers you the chance to become part of a community, and this community is at the centre of what makes Wessex Care special.

As well as giving residents a rich and fulfilling social life, the socialisation opportunities on offer in care homes and the meaningful connections members of the Wessex Care community are able to create with one another and with staff contribute to a sense of homeliness and belonging.

To see for yourself what a homely atmosphere you’ll find in a Wessex Care home, get in touch today to book a visit or simply have a chat.

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