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Online Activity Coordinators Forum 10/07/20

Keeping people active and engaged is a challenging role at the best of times and the pressure on those involved with activity provision has only increased now that family visits and external activities have had to be put on hold.

Having co-hosted the Dorset Activity Coordinators Forum since 2012 and a similar event in Wiltshire for several years, we know how vital it is that there is peer to peer support and as such, we felt it was important to try and maintain this support network during lockdown.

On Friday July 10th, we launched the online Activity Coordinators Forum using the now ubiquitous ‘Zoom’ and we were joined by 35 care staff and activity providers to share ideas and inspiration around how we can continue to engage and entertain those in our care as well as how we can look after ourselves as we navigate these challenging times. Guest speakers included Nicola from Alive, Craig from Engaging Activities and Chris from The Daily Sparkle. We were also treated to some insights into self-care by Sandi from Sweet Harmony and Steve from Release Mindfulness Training.

As is often the case though, the most important part of the meeting was creating the opportunity for the attendees to tell their stories, share the tragedies and triumphs of lockdown and to remember that they’re not alone in this.

BBC Radio Wiltshire Interview Wessex Care – 14/07/20

We were delighted to be asked for an interview by BBC Radio Wiltshire! The interview centred around two key points. The main one being how we have managed to keep the residents engaged and active, including how we have been using touchscreen technology to keep the face-to-face connections open with their families and friends during lockdown. The other point was how we have been supporting the staff with self-care including mindfulness and Pilates.

Dan also interviewed Sophie the Welfare Assistant at KW to talk about her experiences of engaging with people directly on a day to day basis.

Come On Then
Nanci Speaks
Sophie Speaks

‘Happy Cards’ – Raising awareness of MCAS

You’ve probably never heard of MCAS and, if you have, you’ll find yourself in a very small minority. MCAS affects the immune system and causes an extreme overreaction in response to allergens which can, should it affect vital functions, result in serious illness and, without treatment, even death.

And therein lies the problem. There are too few healthcare professionals who recognise the condition resulting in misdiagnosis and treatment. Anna, who lives with the condition, and her six year old son Alfie have spent the lockdown period making 500 ‘happy cards’ which are being sent out to care home residents and anyone who might be feeling isolated in their communities in a bid to raise awareness of MCAS so that more GPs will recognise the symptoms in the future.

Barbara Happy Card
Wessex Care June Holding a Card Wessex Care
Wessex Care Nanci Holding Handmade Card

Some of these happy cards have been raising smiles for Wessex Care residents and our Community clients.

You can read more about Anna and Alfie’s story here

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