Understanding what care your loved one needs

Understanding what care your loved one needs

When a friend or relative needs professional care, it can be a difficult and upsetting time for those closest to them, too. And what makes it even more confusing and distressing is a lack of understanding around the types of care available, and what would best suit the person in question.

Because not all care is the same. Social care can vary hugely, meaning that while it can be complicated to work out exactly what your loved one needs, once this is determined there will be a form of care that benefits them.

So, what are the types of care available in Salisbury, and how can you decide what’s needed?

What types of care are available in Salisbury?

Care can broadly be split into two areas: residential care in a specialist centre, and at-home care in the community.

Residential care without nursing

This type of care is ideal for frail and older people who need extra support with day-to-day living, but do not require nursing. It allows a person to live comfortably in a protective environment, with a range of care available to meet their needs.

They will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing support is on hand around the clock, as well as companionship, mental health support, nutritious meals and a range of activities on offer. Most care centres have gardens or outdoor terraces, too, so residents can enjoy fresh air and natural scenery.

Residential nursing care

For those who have greater medical needs, whether due to ageing or an illness or injury, residential nursing care is available. This sort of care is sometimes provided on a short-term basis, for example following surgery or during rehabilitation, or for the long-term.

It offers a person a safe environment where they will receive nursing care around the clock, whether they live with late-stage dementia or have reduced mobility, a terminal illness, or increasing frailty.

Residential mental health care

Specialist residential care is also available for those living with a complex mental health challenge, such as dementia or learning difficulties. It involves 24-hour care to support and protect a person’s wellbeing, while they live in comfort and dignity.

At-home/community care

For those who require an extra helping hand with day-to-day life but are still able to maintain a fair level of independence, at-home care might be ideal. This sort of care is dedicated to promoting dignity, independence and quality of life.

Services provided are specific to an individual’s needs, but typically might include help with personal care, household chores, meal preparation, admin assistance and running errands.

How to decide what type of care a person needs

The first step for anybody considering care for themselves or a loved one is usually a care needs assessment. This will consider how well a person can carry out everyday tasks, and determine the level and type of social care that is most appropriate for them.

The assessment will look at aspects of day-to-day life such as washing and dressing, eating properly and staying safe in the home, and how a person’s well-being is affected by any difficulty they have with these tasks.

To get the most out of an assessment, think about the kind of help you or your loved one needs. Don’t forget about cultural, social, religious and emotional requirements, too. These could be visiting a place of worship, seeing certain family members regularly or getting out in the fresh air on a frequent basis.

Everybody is entitled to a free care needs assessment, and it can be arranged by contacting the adult social services of your local council.

Contact Wessex Care to find out how your loved can benefit from residential or community care in Salisbury.

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