Five activities for older people to stimulate the mind

Five activities for older people to stimulate the mind

Taking part in activities is great for the cognitive health and well-being of older people. Here, we share five activities for older people that will stimulate their minds.


From jigsaw puzzles to word puzzles, anything that requires thought and logic is fantastic for stimulating the brains of older people. Ask your loved one what kind of puzzles they like, or offer them a selection, and spend time completing them together or simply be there to help if required.

Word searches and crosswords are often popular examples, whereas sudoku puzzles can be a better fit for those who prefer numbers to letters.


Getting outside and feeling at one with nature is good for the mind and the soul which makes gardening a great option when it comes to activities for older people.

Time outdoors provides fresh air and vital vitamin D, and gardening gives individuals the opportunity to complete simple yet fulfilling tasks that will stimulate the mind - such as planting seeds or weeding flowerbeds.

Playing an instrument

Whether your loved one is relearning a skill that they had from the past or picking up an instrument for the first time, learning to play music is an enjoyable activity that will stimulate the mind and enable them to work on their dexterity too.

Music often reignites memories and different feelings, so even listening to some of their favourite tunes could be enough to provide stimulation.

Gentle exercise

Older people must be encouraged to move about as this will help with their strength, posture, and balance, and gentle exercise can help to stimulate the mind too.

Yoga or tai chi are great options for those seeking enhanced wellness, and a walk outside will provide plenty of stimulation due to seeing people, objects, and nature along the way.

Dancing is another fantastic option and is perfect for those seeking a bit of fun!

Arts and crafts

Arts and crafts activities are another great way to stimulate the mind. From drawing and painting to making scrapbooks and collages, there’s sure to be something that your loved one will enjoy creating.

Have a chat to see what they’d like to make and then source the required materials to ensure that they have everything they need to carry out their chosen activity.

We hope that these five mind-stimulating activities for older people have sparked your imagination and given you some ideas! If your loved one would benefit from professional care (either domiciliary or residential), contact us today to discuss their needs.

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