Simple Home Adaptions for Less Mobile Adults

Simple Home Adaptions for Less Mobile Adults

Whether through illness, injury or age, reduced mobility is a common problem that affects many adults. If you or a loved one has reduced mobility, there are some simple steps you can take to make daily movements around your home easier.

Here are a few simple adaptations you can make to your home that will have a big impact on your daily life.

Bathroom adaptations

When you’re less mobile, everyday tasks like washing and going to the toilet can become a challenge. To make it easier to bath and shower, you can add grab rails to your bathroom wall. These will help you to get in and out of the bath or shower, whilst providing support to take hold of should you lose your balance.

You can invest in side-opening baths to help you step in easily, and battery-powered baths that support your weight as you climb in and out.

Kitchen adaptations

If you find it challenging to stand for long periods of time, a perching stool supports your weight in a near-standing position. Integrated ovens mean that you don’t need to bend down to cook your food.

For wheelchair users, there are reduced height units to make your kitchen accessible.

Front door adaptations

If you find it challenging to get to the front door, you can install a door system that lets you speak to callers first. This could be an intercom system, a wireless doorbell with entry phone or a video entry system. All of these devices let you identify who’s at the door before you open it, and some will even allow you to open the door from where you’re sitting.

If you want pre-approved people to be able to let themselves in (such as family, friends and carers), you could install a police-approved key safe that holds a key at your front door.

Home adaptations for moving around

You can install handrails along walls to provide support if needed. If your home is poorly lit, it’s worth installing brighter lighting to make sure you don’t trip over anything that’s less visible. You can even invest in motion sensor lighting so that the lights come on automatically when you need them, saving you from flipping the switch.

To help you climb up and down any stairs in your home, you can fit an extra banister rail or a stair lift.

If you need support with standing up, there are beds and chairs designed to gently lift you out until you’re standing.

Wheelchair adaptations

If you need to use a wheelchair, you can widen the door frames in your home to allow easier access. Having a ramp fitted can help you navigate steps with ease, and moving essential rooms – such as your bedroom or bathroom – to the ground floor can make everyday tasks much easier.

If you need some support to help you live at home, our team of community carers are here to help. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

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