Activities at our Wessex Care Residential Care Homes

Activities at our Wessex Care Residential Care Homes

At Wessex Care, we take a lot of pride in the range of activities that we provide for residents to enjoy. Care can often be perceived as dour and functional. At our care homes, nothing could be further from the truth. We like to think of it as an opportunity to engage, inspire and excite.

We believe that an active mind is a healthy one and we appreciate that our residents don’t just want to sit around watching TV all day. Integrating various activities into our operation is something we have always been keen on and it’s an approach that we are always looking to improve and add to.

Here are just some of the enjoyable activities we provide for our residents in Salisbury:

Beauty and Pampering

Just because we’re of a certain age doesn’t mean we’ve given up on a little pampering here and there. Our beauty and pampering sessions are not only a way to look and feel great, they are brilliant social activities that get everyone talking and enjoying the moment.

Intergenerational Workshops and Activities

Older people can often become isolated particularly from younger people in the community. Our intergenerational workshops are key in helping solve this problem and they’ve proved very popular with our residents in Salisbury. Events include craft workshops as well as taking part in activities like gardening.

These kinds of events naturally create a strong bond between our residents and the local community and have a profound effect on health and wellbeing.

Trips Out

The one thing that our residents enjoy more than anything else is getting out and about. They led active lives before they came to stay at our care homes and there’s no reason why that should change. We organise day trips for residents, whether that’s to the beach, the local Wilton Shopping Village or a nearby theatre to take in a show. And we also enjoy the occasional trip to the local pub!

Visiting Companies

Over the years, Wessex Care has built some pretty strong connections with local businesses and organisations. Three of these are Alive, Imagine This and Teacher Creatures.

  • Alive are a well-known charity that help empower residents in creative ways, often using new technology to reconnect with the world. It’s amazing how something like an iPad can be used to reinvigorate memories or get residents engaged.

  • Imagine This are another organisation that run workshops involving residents, including the intergenerational activities using arts and crafts which can have really amazing effects.

  • Creature Teachers is a truly memorable activity that all our residents enjoy. They bring in exotic animals like owls and snakes for our residents to handle and it really does make a difference to their mood and enthusiasm for life.

Live Music

Everyone loves a sing-a-long and our residents are really no different from everyone else. Music can certainly bring back memories and get everyone talking. We invite groups from the local community and have regular events.

Specialist Welfare Care Staff and Care Home Volunteers

We have allocated specific staff to assess the needs of our residents and coordinate activities that all of our residents can take part in. The Welfare Assistants help to organise activities and oversee the participation of our residents, ensuring that no-one is left out and that our varied timetable of events caters for the needs of everyone who stays with us.

We also work with our Community team to make sure that community residents are also given plenty of opportunity to lead varied and active lives with the support of our team.

We also work with 15 specialist Care Home Volunteers who provide companionship, friendship and conversation to our residents, as an additional resource to our in house care and support staff. These volunteers have a passion for what they do and have been provided training to assist them whilst spending time with our residents, making them aware of good care home practices. Each volunteer is interviewed and recruited for a particular care home or centre to ensure that they are a good fit for one another as every care home is different.

At Wessex Care, our aim is to provide a home away from home for our residents, somewhere they feel welcome and appreciated. Our activities are something we are very proud of and we continue to explore new and fun ways to engage residents and deliver the opportunities that make such a big difference to wellbeing.

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