What is it Like Working at Wessex Care?

For most people who work within the care industry, finding the right company or care home is vital. There’s no doubt that providing care and supporting individuals in residential accommodation is challenging and it takes a special kind of person to do it well.

At Wessex Care, you’ll be working in a clean, friendly and caring environment that is tailored to individual resident’s needs. Modern facilities and fully qualified staff mean that the people in our care always have someone there providing the support they need.

No two days are the same at a Wessex Care residential care home. You might find someone having one to one support or people in a group, talking to friends and family on an iPad or taking part in rehabilitative therapies.

High-End Facilities

All our residential homes have been designed and built with supporting the potential to offer the best services in mind. From quiet and attractive looking garden areas with comfortable seating to the communal and dining areas and individual rooms, we believe that we have everything covered.

A Company That is Always Changing

One recent innovation at our residential homes is the introduction of intergenerational workshops where the residents get to interact with the visiting children and take part in creative workshops. This has some powerful benefits for those in our care, including connecting them to their families and their grandchildren.

Another innovation that we introduced early on in Wessex Care is understanding that residents want to have a choice over food menus. It’s also about having fresh ingredients and providing a healthy foundation but adding that independence that many of our residents are looking to maintain. If you don’t like what’s on the menu at Wessex Care, you can always ask for something else.

Building Relationships

At Wessex Care, we believe strongly in building relationships with residents and seeing them as individuals. It’s difficult to provide care if you don’t do that, of course.

This is someone’s home and whether they have needs such as helping with dementia or need care but want to keep their independence, the job of our staff is to make sure they are supported and can live life to the full the way they want to.

Training Opportunities

None of us like to be stuck on the treadmill of work, unable to progress. At Wessex Care, we believe in having training available to staff so that they can improve their skills and build a great career in the care industry. That’s important for anyone who comes to work with us and a facility we are keen to provide and develop both now and in the future.

Whether you’re a qualified nurse or just starting out as a carer, we’ll work with you to further develop your CPD and caring skills.

How to Apply for a Job at Wessex Care

Not only do we offer excellent rates of pay for caregivers, you’ll be working in a friendly and supportive environment. As a family-owned company, we’re proud of the care we give to residents and the reputation in the Salisbury area that we’ve developed over the last 18 years.

We have vacancies for healthcare assistants, community care assistants and registered nurses with all our facilities close to the centre of Salisbury. If you want to work for a care company that really does deliver, take a look at our current vacancies today

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