What Type of Care Does My Relative Need?

What Type of Care Does My Relative Need?

With so many different types of care available, choosing the right option for your loved one can feel daunting, especially during what is often an emotional time. Here, we describe different types of care to help you to make an informed decision.

Residential care

Residential care enables individuals to live in a safe, comfortable environment where their needs are met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This type of care is not suitable for those requiring around-the-clock nursing care but is ideal for those who are frail and need extra support or are living with memory issues, diabetes, incontinence, or controlled epilepsy.

Residential care can also be a good care option for those seeking respite relief either daily or during holidays.

Residential nursing care

Unlike residential care, residential nursing care is suitable for those who require care due to an illness or a medical or surgical issue. This may be short or long-term depending on their own specific needs.

Individuals requiring residential nursing care might be living with reduced mobility due to a stroke, disability, fracture, Parkinson’s, diabetes, or a terminal illness.

Residential nursing care can also be accessed by those requiring post-operative care or intermediate care for rehabilitation.

Residential mental health care

Residential mental health care is the right type of care for individuals living with a mental health challenge, including the different stages of dementia.

This care option also covers any support required due to a learning disability, diabetes, incontinence, or controlled epilepsy.

Mental health care ensures that the individual feels safe and secure with access to support 24 hours a day.

Care at home

Care at home is the perfect option for those who require support to stay in their own home. This promotes independence and enables them to stay where they feel most comfortable.

Care at home is tailored to the individual, but it can include personal care, domestic help, home maintenance, gardening services, and pet care.

Those receiving care at home can also access support by arranging and attending social activities and doing their shopping, helping them to stay active in their community.

Wessex Care provides domiciliary and residential care in Salisbury for vulnerable and elderly adults. To discuss which type of care your loved one needs, contact the Wessex Care team today.

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