10 Reasons Why We Love Working in Care

10 Reasons Why We Love Working in Care

At Wessex Care, we take pride in providing a high quality of care for all our clients. We might be biased, but we truly believe that working in care is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose.

There are so many reasons why we love working in care – here are just a few.

Make a real difference in people’s lives

One of the best things about working in care is the difference we make in people’s lives. Helping vulnerable people to live their life to the fullest with dignity and compassion drastically improves their quality of life – and we believe there’s no job more rewarding.

Join a big family

Working at Wessex Care is like joining a big family. All our residents and staff – along with residents’ families – are part of an extended loving family. Working in care allows us to build close, enduring relationships with our colleagues and clients – something that cannot be said for many careers.

Every day is different

When you work in care, no two days are the same. Each day presents a new set of tasks, challenges and opportunities.

At Wessex Care, we provide a varied schedule of activities for our residents. Whether it’s a trip to the theatre, a baking masterclass or dance lessons, every day is different to the last.

Meet lots of interesting people

Meeting and getting to know new people is one of the best perks of the job. Working in care, you’ll meet so many interesting people who have lived fascinating lives. Our horizons are always broadened by the people we meet.

Sociable job

We're never lonely working in care. Socialising is always a part of our job, whether it’s with colleagues, residents or residents’ families. Chatting with our lovely work family always brightens our day.

Permanent contracts

At Wessex Care, we do things differently. Our carers are on permanent contracts to give them the job security they deserve.

Help vulnerable people retain their independence

Our community care teams help vulnerable adults to retain their independence for as long as possible. There’s nothing more rewarding than being the reason your clients are able to live in the comfort of their own homes.

Development opportunities

There are so many opportunities for development with a career in care. At Wessex Care, all our carers are supported to work towards qualifications to help them level up their careers. Not many jobs provide as much opportunity to train while working, and there are endless opportunities for career progression.

Flexible hours

Working in care offers flexible hours to fit in around your life. Whether you want to work part-time, full-time, weekends or evenings, care allows you to work when suits you.

Active, varied roles

Care is an active, varied role. We love that we’re on the move for a lot of the day – if working in an office and watching the clock doesn’t appeal to you, a career in care could be perfect for you.

If you’re interested in a career in care, find out more about joining the Wessex Care family here.

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