What Technology is Best for Older Relatives?

Phones, Tablets, Safety Gadgets & more: What Technology is Best for Older Relatives?

For most of us in today’s modern world, technology has become an integral part of our lives, with many now finding it hard to live without it. Despite technology becoming fundamental in our lives, getting to grips with digital devices can sometimes be very overwhelming for many older people.

As technology has developed, companies have gotten better at producing user-friendly devices. These smarter devices, can often actually help your loved ones live a happier and more independent life, allowing them to still stay connected with others.


Smartphones are everywhere. Whether you’re walking the dog, going to the shops, or on the train, you’re bound to see at least one person on their mobile phone. Most of us have become so dependent on our phones that we won’t leave the house without them.

According to global researchers Statista, the number of over 65’s in the UK who use a smartphone has risen from 3% in 2012 to 65% in 2020. Today, many smartphones have been designed to help the older generation, making sure they have large screens, easy-to-read keyboards, and emergency buttons.

Touchscreen Tablets

Touchscreen tablets are often a great way for the older generation to have access to the internet; without the hassle and stress of having to learn how to use a computer or laptop. Most tablets look very similar to a smartphone, which often makes them less daunting to use.

There are many advantages of touchscreen tablets including their large screen size, mobility, and affordability. Today, you can buy a touchscreen tablet for as little as £89, which makes it a great starter option in getting your loved ones connected to the modern world.

Safety Gadgets

If your loved one lives alone or in a remote location, you might often find yourself worried about their safety.

Today, many gadgets are purposely designed to help the older generation live with more independence. From home security systems, key safes, and personal alarms, these safety gadgets can help give you and your loved one peace of mind.

Virtual Assistant Device

A virtual assistant device, like an Alexa or Google Hub, can help give your loved one a strong sense of independence in their own home. These devices can help with many basic tasks such as reminding you of a doctor's appointment, providing entertainment, or helping you create and keep a to-do list.

A virtual assistant works off voice commands, which means anyone with limited mobility, arthritis or vision impairments is still able to use their household gadgets with ease.

If your loved one requires domiciliary care then get in touch with our team today to discuss your loved one’s requirements.

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