How to Prepare Your Loved One to Move into a Care Home

How to Prepare Your Loved One to Move into a Care Home

Moving into a care home is a big change in an individual's life. If your loved one is moving into residential care, here are some top tips to help your loved one get physically and mentally prepared for their move.

Keep your loved one involved in the process

Where possible, you should keep your loved one as involved as possible. If you can, bring your loved on any tours of residential homes – virtually or in person – and involve them in discussions about the level of care they require.

Speak positively about moving into a care home

Many people will be apprehensive about moving into residential care. By speaking positively about the move, your loved one will understand that the change is not something to dread. There are so many positives about residential care to highlight – three delicious meals a day, the vast range of activities to enjoy and joining a warm, friendly family with fellow residents and care staff are just a few.

Your loved one will be receiving bespoke support to have the highest quality of life possible – this is something to look forward to.

Clothing: label all items and pack clothes for different occasions

All of your loved one's clothes must be labelled before they move into their residential home. This makes it easy for staff to identify whose clothing is whose, ensuring that clothes don’t get muddled in the laundry. At Wessex Care, we can provide clothing labels prior to your move for no additional cost.

When your loved one is packing clothes to take to their new home, make sure they have a range of clothes for different occasions. This includes:

  • Everyday clothes – this should make up the majority of your loved one’s wardrobe
  • ‘Old’ clothes for messy activities (such as arts and crafts)
  • Loose clothing for exercise
  • Smart clothing for special events
  • Warm clothing for outdoor activities (such as coats, hats, gloves and scarfs)

Pack familiar items

Pack familiar items to help your loved one feel at home. This can include photos, soft furnishings, books, music, ornaments, art or hobby supplies. When these home comforts are unpacked in their new bedroom, it will feel like home already.

Get connected with technology

Make sure your loved one is prepared with any technology they want to take with them. For example, they may wish to take a mobile phone or have a landline phone installed in their room. Some people choose to take a radio, tablet or virtual assistant technology (like an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant). If this technology is new to your loved one, make sure they know how to use it before they move.

At Wessex Care, all electrical items must be PAT tested by our maintenance engineer before they can be used. All electricals will then be tested annually to ensure their safety.

Wessex Care has five residential care homes and centres across Salisbury to support vulnerable and older adults. To find out more and discuss your loved one’s requirements, contact us today.

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